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MediaMarkt helps you and handles everything for you for everything that has to do with consumer electronics. Because honestly: you are not looking for a specific speaker, but for an unparalleled sound to listen to your favourite music. You are not only looking for a washing machine, you also want clean laundry. By responding to those needs, we can support you even better. We listen to you to learn how we can help you, with not just a product, but with the total solution that you are actually seeking. And with services that really surprise you. That is the WOW. That is why we are always looking for the WOW for you, in our 50 stores and in our webshop.


We believe that the sum of our webshop and our 50 stores is the model for the future. Take the time to orientate yourself well online, or order something quickly and easily in our webshop. And if you still want to know how the phone sits in your hand, or you want to see how big the TV really is, then of course it is also nice to walk in to one of our stores. Of course our expert and friendly colleagues are here to find with you which product and which associated services will help you best. Because a laptop is only really complete when the data have been transferred and it is ready to use. And that dirty laundry really will not wait until Monday. That is why we will also deliver your washing machine to your home on Sundays. And you can easily buy your Smart Home speaker online. But you only really experience the convenience if one of our colleagues shows you what all you can do with it. MediaMarkt, always looking for the WOW for you.


MediaMarkt, we sound familiar. The place where you go, both online and offline, for a wonderful and large assortment of consumer electronics. In addition to reliability, we pay extra attention to service. That is where the needs of our community lie. And that is why we have created a new formula: product + service = WOW. We will do everything to offer you a top experience at any time. How? We take you on a journey through our WOW centre.

Our WOW centre

In our WOW centre - a fictional high-tech lab - we do research, make analyses and provide trainings on going to the extreme. To find the interaction between people, brands and electronics. To seek the connection. We take on the challenge of exceeding expectations. We listen to you, to hear how we can help you, handle things for you and, above all, offer you a great experience. It has almost become a science: understanding the needs of our customers. We look for the best possible solutions. We believe in the powerful combination of product + service. One goal: a great experience for you.

De WOW Starts with...

Together. That is the keyword for our MediaMarkt team, which in the Netherlands consists of more than 4500 employees. Everyone is engaged and is an essential part of our company. This is where the WOW begins: customer-friendly, solution-oriented advice from store employees and (online) customer service. But also with the helpfulness and expertise of our delivery staff and installers. Every employee is a uniquely indispensable element of the WOW.

Davy Brand

Want to win

Davy Brand

Buyer Gaming & Entertainment

“It gives me a boost when we set up a promotion together and see the sales increase as a result!“

Davy has been working at MediaMarkt since 2017. He started as a Junior Category Manager, where he was responsible for the online range of the Gaming & Entertainment category. He is now a Buyer for this category and arranges the procurement for all branches as well. 'At MediaMarkt, you have a lot of diversity in activities, which makes my work so much fun! For my work, I am constantly among people. I thus have a lot of contact with suppliers, with whom I negotiate but also build a relationship. Of course, I go for the best purchase price, so that I have a good margin on my products.'

“It is great to see when customers are happy with a good sale from my category, and the sales increase as a result.”

Naomi Schonenberg

Party planning

Naomi Schonenberg

Marketing Brand executive

“For me, party planning means having fun with your colleagues, having a drink and being social with everyone.“

Naomi started 4 years ago at MediaMarkt The Hague, setting up local marketing. After 1.5 years, she decided to join the Marketing Operations team at the head office to further develop. She now works as a Brand Executive in the Brand department. 'As a Brand Executive, I am responsible for the MediaMarkt brand and its entire rollout. That is quite a challenge, because we look at where the limits and priorities lie.' Naomi also organizes fun activities for her colleagues outside working hours, such as drinks or a dinner. 'Even after working hours, you have to enjoy the time that you spend with familiar and less familiar colleagues.

“I always like it when the departments mix well with each other, so that you can meet new people and have a chat with someone new.”

Ennio Walton

Want to win

Ennio Walton

Customer Value Manager

“You make choices that are pretty exciting, but if you don't take any risks, then you don't know whether your plans will succeed.“

Ennio has been working as a Customer Value Manager Telecom since January 1, 2019 at the MediaMarkt head office. In this new position, which falls under the Services & Solutions department, he focuses on bringing attention to telephone subscriptions. He does this by sending emails to customers and setting up campaigns. Although it is quite a challenge to attract and retain customers, he is really looking forward to it. 'In this position, you have to be hungry and have the motivation to set things up. You have to be curious and want to know the effect of your plans.'

“No two days are the same, and you never have to be bored. That really gives me the WOW feeling.”

Marco Kraneveldt

Plain Guts

Marco Kraneveldt

Senior Controller

“Every day, new plans are made with which one wants to conquer the world. Of course, we must always remain critical, but it is very nice to work in such positive energy.“

Since January 2018, Marco can be found in the MediaMarkt workplace as a Senior Controller and now also manages the Business Controlling team as Team Lead. Marco currently has great challenges in his job, from which he can learn a lot. 'The business controlling team is new within MediaMarkt, so I have been involved in setting up this department from the start.' Moreover, he can help shape this discipline. A perfect situation of course in which to learn a lot. In addition, Marco indicates that you as a controller must dare to be critical in order to be able to give the best advice.

“I don't just go along with it when someone says they have a fantastic idea, but I try to judge as objectively as possible. Where necessary, you therefore have to dare to give a different opinion, and that takes guts.”

Octavio Razafindramanana

Everything is possible

Octavio Razafindramanana

Data Scientist

“As a Frenchman with his roots in Madagascar, working for a German company in the Netherlands, while you speak English yourself… Yes, everything is possible at MediaMarkt.“

Octavio has been with MediaMarkt as a Data Scientist for 3 years. 'I work with the team on various projects that relate to data. For example, we try to predict what the revenue will be in the various stores, comparable to weather forecasts. Is there enough stock? Which products should a store in a certain region really have in-house? We figure that out.' Whether everything is possible within MediaMarkt? Octavio does not have to think long about this: 'I don't speak Dutch, and I can do my job well here. MediaMarkt even pays for my Dutch lessons! And if I have learned anything within this organization: dare to take decisions and take advantage of the freedom to develop your own vision, then everything is really possible.

“By taking decisions yourself and not letting go of your vision, you will go very far at MediaMarkt.”